Working on a bunch of new things, including an upcoming architecture shift on our backend servers. The short term plan looks like this:

  • Implement mysql procedure and mysql function support
  • Improve ecoretool import so that I can use it properly in production to pull things out of git and catch up the production environment with source control
  • Add some testing to ecoretool import so that I can make sure we're soundly doing the right thing.
  • I need to test for mysql 5.1 to 5.5 compatibility to get on a more performant InnoDB engine
Jul 8th:
  • github: Implemented mysqlproc support inside of ecore so that we can track the internal mysqlproc functions which cause the page to not load when doing a vagrant bootstrap. It safely installs it over the old one inside of a transaction, and if the installation would fail, it keeps the old one as is.
  • github: Updated ecoretool to remove some warnings and improve stability.

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