Continuing the to-do list consolidated into last month's log, here are the updated items

    Feb 1
  • Today am performing several platform operational maneuvers to unwind a few hacks put into the system. Specifically, we are going to go into a bit of a stylesheet freeze. This has been technically the case for some time, as the jscss 'CDN'-ish setup has not taken updates from the CSS/Stylesheet upgrades. What we will be doing, is removing the version number caching scheme from the jscss files on disk. This is in an effort to reduce potential breakage when I begin to update the css files. As will be talked about in State of the Site: 2013 shortly, Feb begins a focus on interface as the next biggest thing on fire on this site. This is the first platform piece of this. I've also installed the minifier on the webheads so we can begin to wire up minification and compression. If there are CSS problems, please let me know immediately so I can address them.
  • Updated the webheads to automatically take upstream security fixes.
  • Removed the version piece from linkstylesheet
    Feb 3
  • Turned on softlink editing for Content Editors
  • Added in another performance enhancement; removed an extra eval in
  • Added a parameter to mark certain bits of S3-cached content as in production
  • Dumped stuff from fixed stylesheets into parameters so that I can move the serving logic over to an Application function cleanly.
    Feb 5
  • Changed settings to use a different method of calculating the Theme menu. This changes the way it is handled, so there are now more themes present; many of which are not at all supported.
  • Hacked up fixstylesheet so that it uses the parameterized version
  • Changed stylesheet display page to use the new system.
  • Fixed a bug in openform as reported by in10se
  • Nuked theme menu
  • TODO: Inside of stylesheet display page, maybe have some non-manual way to mark stylesheets as up to date on autofixes. Right now I have to do it by hand. Also remove the commented out section inside of Everything::Application::fixStylesheet
  • Migrated away from the fixstylesheet htmlcode and over to the E:A item in stylesheet display page and stylesheet serve page
  • Nuked fixstylesheet
  • Stylesheets now automatically minify, gzip themselves and set sane cache-control headers on their objects on S3. Javascript is next. linkstylesheet. This should be a huge performance improvement.
    Feb 8
  • Made the hidemsgme preference work again in zenDisplayUserInfo. Not sure what broke it, reported by mkb
  • Fixed the jscript maintenance update to acutally upload to S3 the right version of things
  • Added jquery bbq to the jscript nodes so that I can replace the one on the server with a properly managed and versioned one. Same with jquery ui. Updated static javascript to reflect that.
  • TODO: Give credit to the jquery BBQ/jquery UI guys in a contributors page somewhere, since their credits got whitewashed out from the extra minification
  • Cleaned the legacy named items out of the jscss bucket.
  • Deleted: How To Buy Banner Ads On Everything2
  • Put together a new writeup about my experience working on e2 marketing assets: How to make the Everything2 logo

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