In 8 BCE the month of Sextilis was renamed Augustus in honour of the proconsul and pontifex maximus Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus, formerly known as Gaius Julius Caesar (referred to as Octavian by later historians), previously known and born as Gaius Octavius Thurinus. Two thousand and eighteen years later, in that month of the 2011th year of the Common Era I spent a lot of time building things and killing plants in the garden. But also made a few changes, intended to be improvements, to the code of this site:

  • draft display page provides Content Editors with a read-only display of the raw html of a review draft, so they can find any problems there may be in it. With help from in10se, this read-only display is implemented in such a way that it can be spellchecked in all browsers, even those that don't normally spellcheck read-only text areas. (Except the ones without a spell-checker.)
  • Editors and administrators can remove firmlinks from e2nodes, since the error I built into firmlinks last month has been corrected.
  • The 'remove draft' button in the admin tools on writeups only works if AJAX is active. So editors who don't have AJAX active (madness!) don't get it any more.
  • jscript keeps track of the date at which the scripts it accesses were last modified, and adjusts its own 'Last-Modified' html header as appropriate.
  • The little numbers shown to staff next to the names of newer users in the Other Users nodelet, showing just how new they are, now have a tool tip explaining what they mean.
  • Drafts provides more and prettier information about other people's drafts, similar to the display for your own drafts.
  • Recent Node Notes searches for a user's more recent own notes on the basis of the noter_user recorded in the note. But it still has to look for their name in the notetext to find the older notes, because I haven't got around to filling in the right noter_user in the notes made before there was a noter_user field.
  • If someone blanks the text of one of their writeups, the writeup is automatically unpublished. The author removed writeup notification for staff can now indicate a reason for author removal ('blanked' is currently the only reason in use), and is made in the unpublishwriteup htmlcode instead of in the remove opcode so that removals by this route will also be notified.
  • There is a note at Javascript Repository, which is now only used to include experimental javascript modules in Javascript Compiler, indicating what it is for.
  • Content Editors automatically get the admin tools in writeup footers without having to explicitly activate them in Advanced Settings. So new editors will no longer waste time in a fruitless search for their promised buttons.
  • Node Backup can back up drafts as well as writeups. The name of the backup file it generates contains a random series of digits so that nosy third parties can't guess it and snoop on you. And it's prettier.
  • The canseedraft htmlcode that keeps your private drafts private can now be called with a node_id like most of the other code on the site, rather than requiring a full node hashref to be sent as its argument. A mistake left over from some careless copy/pasting on my part has gone as well, so sharing drafts with users with '_' in their username will now work.
  • The front page broke rather spectacularly when an apparently innocent writeup found its way into 'The Cream of the Cool' with a left-over left square bracket in it. To avoid this kind of snarf, the logged-in users' front page is now a superdocnolinks rather than a superdoc. Most of what is in it has had its links dealt with before it arrives anyway.

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