Hello everyone

I am about 20% through the architecture rewrite for E2, and it's going relatively well. As I continue to fill in the API catalog and we prepare to move to a modern site layout, there are going to be a few things that are going to change feature-wise. In general, these are going to be absurdly minor things that don't impact how you fundamentally use the site. I've pushed one change live that I want to let the community know about.

The way E2 works is that some documents have the ability to have embedded code in them. The system stores this writeup and say Message Inbox the same way, and it knows to execute the template inside of the type of document it is. This was a neat idea at the time, but has lead itself down some dark architectural corners, and I am trying to get as much of the code out of the database as humanly possible. To that end, usergroups, such as edev,gods,ninjagirls,or britnoders won't have code execution features. Weblog has been added to all of them by default now, as that was the majority use case. It also means that we will eventually be able to open up usergroup ownership in a way that doesn't have to be sponsored by the site administration.

If you're interested in helping to test or submit code, follow along at the Github page. Velocity has recently been good, and I'm hoping to have a beta of the new layout done in early summer.

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