Family: Convolvulaceae or Morning Glory
Genus: Ipomoea or Rivea or Turbina or ololiuqui (Aztec/Nahuatl--Round thing {seed}) or Coaxihuitl (A/N--Snake plant)
Species: Violacea or Corymbosa or tlilitzin (A/N--sacred black thing)

An perennial vine that sprouts trumpet shaped flowers (in white, red, blue, purple). It also bears a small fruit whose seeds contain five alkaloids that are closely related to LSD*.

It grows primarily in central and South America, and was used by the natives for divination and religious ceremonies. The sap is also used to coagulate rubber.

If you plan to try using any of this yourself (as a drug, not a rubber coagulate), check out

* Chanoclavine
D-isolysergic acid amide
D-lysergic acid amide (LSA)

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