Any of a group of computer cables that are wide and flat. So named because of their superficial resemblance to large pieces of ribbon. Usually grey with black connectors at intervals.

IDE: 40-pin
SCSI: 50-pin
Floppy: 34-pin, with a twist
ST506/ESDI: 34-wire control, 20-wire data

Additional information about ribbon cables:

An additional type of ribbon cable was introduced for the ATA/66 IDE standard. It has 80 wires in the ribbon, but only 40 pins on the connector.

To identify Pin 1 on a ribbon cable:

       Arrow, Mark or "1"
  | ^                                |  Header 
  |__________________________________|  Connector
   ||                               |
   ||                               |
   ||                               |
   ||                               |
   ||                               |
   ||                               |
   ||                               |
     \               Ribbon Cable
       Red Stripe

The red stripe on the ribbon cable indicates wire 1, and a small arrow, mark or the number 1 on the header connector indicates pin 1. All odd numbered pins are on one side of the header connector, all evens on the reverse.

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