Re*proach"ful (-f?l), a.


Expressing or containing reproach; upbraiding; opprobrious; abusive.

The reproachful speeches . . . That he hath breathed in my dishonor here. Shak.


Occasioning or deserving reproach; shameful; base; as, a reproachful life.

Syn. -- Opprobrious; contumelious; abusive; offensive; insulting; contemptuous; scornful; insolent; scurrilous; disreputable; discreditable; dishonorable; shameful; disgraceful; scandalous; base; vile; infamous.

-- Re*proach"ful*ly (r-prch"fl-l), adv. -- Re*proach"ful*ness, n.


© Webster 1913.

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