Technology has turned reality into a paradox.
Forms are not always as they seem.

The struggle for non conformity has become even more complicated. Technology has learned to duplicate, rebuild, and remanufacture reality and humanity. The ability to take a template and replicate it is not a fantasy anymore, it is a threat. The struggle against conformity has become a comprehensive investigation into technology that works against the principle of individuality and non conformity: CLONING TECHNOLOGY.

Humanity has become a relative term in the search for truth; a search for clues. A search for variables in life and mutation in a genus.

One will find that each form has been specifically designed for the business of survival.

Each track presented is a remanufactured by-product of its original predecessor. Each designed for a specific function in the investigation of truth, and struggle for a non conformist world.

Taken from Remanufacture synopsis by Fear Factory

Remanufacture is the fifth album from the industrial band Fear Factory. If I interpret the short intro inside the jacket, it is in fact a remix album - each track being a 'remanufactured' version of the corresponding track on Demanufacture, the previous album. The track name in brackets is the name of the original track.

  1. Remanufacture (Demanufacture)
  2. National Panel Beating (Body Hammer)
  3. Genetic Blueprint (New Breed)
  4. Faithless (Zero Signal)
  5. Bionic Chronic
  6. Cloning Technology (Replica)
  7. Burn (Flashpoint)
  8. T-1000 (H-K)
  9. Machines Of Hate (Self Bias Resistor)
  10. 21st Century Jesus (Pisschrist)
  11. Bound For Forgiveness (A Therapy For Pain)
  12. Refinery
  13. Remanufacture (Edited Version)

The tracks on this album were remixed by:

  1. Rhys Fulber
  2. Rhys Fulber
  3. Junkie XL
  4. Rhys Fulber
  5. Original track by Fear Factory
  6. Kingsize
  7. Junkie XL
  8. DJ Dano
  9. Rhys Fulber
  10. Rhys Fulber
  11. Rhys Fulber
  12. Original track by Fear Factory
  13. Rhys Fulber

The album makes heavy use of synths and sound effects. The first track (Remanufacture) starts off with several seconds of clanks and machine noise, and Refinery is simply three minutes of rumbling, clanking and rattling. Remanufacture is somewhat different from the two other Fear Factory albums I own (Obsolete and Digimortal) - the style is more of a mix of techno and industrial metal, rather than the heavy industrial of the more recent albums. The album is a good mix between fast techno-style songs, and slower, darker numbers, with a couple of mellow tracks thrown in for good measure. Bound For Forgiveness is incredibly mellow for Fear Factory - a wordless collage of warm synths and chilled-out electronic beats.

Unfortunately, I haven't heard Demanufacture yet, so I can't compare each track to its original version. Once I get the album, I will do so.

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