The front side of the yellow recycling bag reads:

294-7972 (This is in the 604 calling area)
This bag and contents are the property of the city of Burnaby
This bag contains recycled material

The reverse reads:

Mixed Paper
How to Prepare:

Remove any metal, wood or plastic attached items.
Flatten containers.
Place your materials loose in yellow bag.
When bag is full, place out for collection

(Note that the last item in the above list ends without a period. This is the stylistic convention of "The City of Burnaby", and has nothing to do with this author's own writing conventions.)

What to include:

All fiber based paper products such as: glossy flyers, magazines, catalogues, phone books, box board (cereal boxes, etc.), junk mailings, writing papers, computer papers, envelopes, paper egg cartons, paper shopping bags, etc.

Do not include:

No newspaper, no plastic or waxed paper (milk and juice cartons, frozen food containers, envelope windows, etc.), no tetra pak, no carton paper, no gift wrap, no food contaminated paper.

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