The rebound boy is a tragic figure, and a victim of female whimsy. Only a certain key situations form as a catalyst for the creation of a rebound boy.

  1. There is a woman who is dating a jerk. He treats her like crap. Perhaps he is abusive.
  2. At the same time this woman has some poor sap that has agreed to the idea of "Let's just be friends". Someone she will tell "You're like a brother to me."
  3. Eventually, perhaps with a broken jaw, smashed car, black eye, or emotionally tattered, woman goes to her "friend". Of course friend is home, just waiting for her to call, because if he had something better to do he wouldn't be her "friend", he'd be her lover or nothing.
  4. Friend comforts woman... woman cuddles friend. They end up having a one-night stand. He finally get's what he's wanted, she gets "a sympathy f--k". Both walk away saying "Ooops, oh my, let's not let this damage the friendship."
  5. One night stand turns into an actual relationship...
  6. Woman has her self esteem rebuilt, because her new boyfriend treats her so well, compliments her often, pays her way, and is very giving in bed.
  7. Man gets sex from woman he's wanted for quite a while, but also begins to fall in love. Maybe he's always been in love with her, but was unable to act before. Regardless, Man falls hardcore for her.
  8. Woman completes the cycle of healing, and once more her confidence is fully restored, she has a new social circle, and has survived through a very difficult time, using her "friend" as a crutch. But like any crutch, once the wounds are healed, you toss it aside.
  9. Man either goes to being now dumped and without her as a friend, or he becomes an even bigger fool and goes back to being her friend.

Thus the Circle is complete, and the boy was just used as a tool for her to make the rebound with. Some women know and realize it, others just think they've had a fun fling that gave them both some needed affection. Unfortunately what is usually the case is that Rebound Boy becomes an emotional wreck afterward. The woman he's wanted, desired, perhaps loved, becomes him for just a short while, and then leaves him when she no longer needs him.

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