A drinking game where you pit teams of eight players against each other. The team that finishes their quarter-barrel that fastest wins. There are a few other rules. Excessive spilling disqualifies your team. If a member of your team pukes they are out, meaning they can not continue to drink off the team's quarter-barrel. This means each member of the team needs to drink about a gallon of beer as quick as possible. That is to say each person needs to drink around ten 12oz beers as quickly as they can. (It actually comes out to 10 and 1/3 12oz beers per person.)

Warning: This is not a game (and I hesitate to call it a "game") for the weak. Everybody ends up pretty damn messed up.

I once saw a team finish one in under 20 minutes (I think it was around 15 min. but I don't remember the exact time). They had the tap running constantly. In fact so did another team, but the second team didn't win because their quarter-barrel was foamier and the beer didn't come out as quickly.

Where I went to college this was an annual event till nobody wanted to host it anymore because of liability and the fact that campus officials kept disrupting it. I knew people that took this game very seriously. They wouldn't drink the night before, they'd eat certain foods to help soak up the beer so they wouldn't get drunk as quickly, they would take antacids or some other pills to reduce the carbonation in their stomachs. It was nuts. I only participated twice, and my teams didn't take it seriously at all it took us hours to drink our quarter-barrels. Usually I stayed sober for this event helping get people I knew home and taking care of people so drunk they could barely walk.

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