Friendship is a wonderful thing,
something that should be treasured above almost all else.

There are few things in life with more value than a friend:
someone to be there for you,
someone to be there for,
someone to confide in,
someone to talk to at the end of a long day,
someone to bounce to about happy things,
someone to cry with when the world sucks,
someone to share your darkest fears with,
someone to love as a sister or brother.

Sometimes Relationships just don't work.
Sometimes there just isn't that spark or attraction.
Sometimes situations and reality get in the way of dreams.
But when things don't work out, why should it be "just friends"?
That implies that there's something wrong with pure friendship;
that the lack of sex somehow diminishes the value of things.

Unrequited love can be depressing.
Angst can be overpowering.
Lust can be frustrating.

But in the end it's the friendship that matters most.
If it doesn't work out, don't just be friends,
purely be friends.

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