An unwritten law of marijuana smoking etiquette. You're supposed to take just a couple of puffs, and pass the bowl/joint/bong along to the next guy/girl in the circle. Popularized in the movie "Friday" (starring Ice Cube) with the line, "Puff, puff, pass, nigga, puff, puff, pass!".

At the location where I work, there are a lot of rabbits that hang around here. People in their general laziness tend to miss the ashtray outside when disposing of their butts, roaches, etc. These rabbits can be seen munching on these from time to time. It seems we now have a collection of nicotine addicted rabbits, even the younger rabbits are joining their elders. These rabbits will even gather around when smokers are outside, awaiting that sweet, sweet nicotine and tar.

They have taken up nicotine addiction as a hobby. The only species to do so until now are humans. They may learn to speak soon enough, and before we know it, while sitting outside a little strung out bunny will hop up next to you and say “Hey, what the fuck man, puff, puff, pass. You think I can just go to the store and get those? I got fucking no car and like 3 inch fucking legs, man. Besides, you need to be 18 to get 'em. We are lucky to make it to 3 years old here with all these owls all over us all the time. You got Big Brother watching you, we got owls.” After you hand it to him, he will take a couple of drags and then hand it to the next rabbit. After they are done, they'll tell you to stop buying those fucking Ultralights, and to bring Reds the next time. "And no filters, I almost choked to death on that tar soaked shit, man!" Before you know it those little nicotine fiends will be bummin’ smokes all the time.

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