The ability to move physical objects without using physical means, as with one's mind.

Hmm.. IME the ability to move physical objects without physical means is usually called telekinesis. Raising BelDion's hand would be telekinesis.

Psychokinesis is a more general term, including TK in scope, but indicating more kinds of influence than just motion. Raising BelDion's hand, mentally affecting the output of a random number generator, or making someone's head explode would be examples of psychokinesis.

Psychokinesis is usually not considered as possible outside of the movies.

Your definitions may vary.

Telekinesis simply means "effecting motion at a distance". Psychokinesis means specifically "effecting motion with the mind." Most people are unaware of the distinction, however, and consider psychokinesis and telekinesis to be roughly the same thing. Some people probably consider psychokinesis to be more violent or antisocial due to the word sound association with psychosis.

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