A pseudo-girlfriend is very much not a girlfriend. A pseudo-girlfriend is a woman that you pretend to date, a woman you never introduce to your friends. A woman that you never introduce to your family. If anyone asks you who she is, she is your sister. You can not let her know she is a pseudo-girlfriend. Pseudo-girlfriends are play things.

My ex-roommate had plenty of pseudo-girlfriends and pseudo-boyfriends as well. She was yes to these people for sushi and getting play, but no for actual commitment and time spent. "She pulled the 'I love you' on me." It used to irritate me terribly until I saw how truly cutesy and obnoxious she can be when she is one-half of a very cute couple. I kicked her out.

This is a girl friend who isn't publicly a girlfriend. Kept secret to protect (usually) the girl from being embarassed that she fell in love with a geek like him and so she can keep her social status. Usually, nothing comes from this and he is left heart broken.

Also known as being Secret Friends or other such non sense terms that are hurtful.

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