"here puss, puss, puss" i say, emphasizing the es's, to capture the attention of the cat.
the cat continues on its way..... 
"no", she says. "its a japanese cat".
"you must speak to it in japanese"
"so what should i say?", i say.
she says, "nya-chan", in that super sexy breathless voice she sometimes uses.
she talks to the cat the way i wish she would talk to me.
regardless, the cat is slyly attentive. im sure its arousal is some what different to mine.
"nya-chan?, what does nya mean?", i ask. i am aware that chan is a term of endearment.
"thats the sound a cat makes", she answers.
"what, like meow?"
"yes, but japanese cats say nya-"

ill admit that i was never a great student of languages, especially my first.
but shouldnt onomatopeia be nationality independant.
to my ear, australian and japanese cats sound the same.
as surely human languages sound the same to a cat.
but no,  as the puss-puss example demonstrated.
i digress, i was saying...

"so what sound does a japanese dog make?"
"wan wan", she says looking at me quizically.
"a bird?"
"chun chun"
similar enough. is closer than chepu chepu anyway.
what other animals can i think of?
cant think with her looking at me like that.
just want to melt........
eto! think eto!        (but those almond eyes....)
12 animals!            (but that lovely pout.....)
"h-h-hhorse! what about a horse?", i manage
"hihin", she replies "but this has nothing to do with what your supposed to be............"

shes annoyed.

shes so cute when shes annoyed.

a little 40 something kg, 150 something cm pillar of frustration.

just wanna cuddle her till all the bad things go away.

the real reason japanese is such a hard language to learn : let someone else choose your sensei

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