Over and over, I hear people use predestination as an argument for why God can't be who Christians claim he is, why it makes free will null, etc.

One of the main arguments is that if God is all knowing, then he must know everything we're going to do before we do it, for all time.

However, nobody ever bothers to mention this: God ain't sharing this knowledge with anybody.

I ain't been told. Have you? Does dem bones have a private line to God, and knows the entire layout of existence?

I'm betting not.

So...if we don't know what's going to happen, and God ain't telling...how does that equal a lack of free will?

Free will is based, not on God's knowledge of what we will do, but rather on what we know.

We don't know what will or won't happen. We have to guess our way through based on our on knowledge, our faith, or what have you.

Until the contents of predestination are shared with the general populace, the GM still holds the plot behind his storyteller's screen, and the players still get to choose their own path, so far as they know.

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