A small community of potheads that inevitably moves in next door to you when you have decided to either quit smoking pot or moderate your usage and then proceeds to replace all the oxygen in the building with pot smoke. Pothead colonies are reknown for being generous with their supply of grass and will go to great lengths to get you to make a trial purchase from their suppliers. No matter how good your supply is they always manage to find something stronger is this a good thing?. In situations like the one described above the function of the pothead colony can be interpreted in one of two fashions.

  1. To lure you back into the land of the stoned and put an end to the silly idea of being a sober and rational human being.
  2. To give you a healthy dose of perspective as to what a stoned bozo you've been and how vague and clueless pothead culture really is.

Either which way it amounts to a test of willpower

Disclaimer: I am in no way making a value judgement on pot, potheads, pothead culture or pothead colonies. The above writeup is a reflection on my own personnal experience with marijuana addiction and life with my neighbors (who's friends are oddly insulted by my decision to quit smoking dope)... so there :P

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