Portege is a line of ultra portable toshiba laptops. Linux on a portege 3020CT works real well: sound, suspend, X windows (800x600), removable CD,-ROM removable floppy. I never tried USB nor the infrared port. One day I will add my story on installing Linux to sourceforge.

The Toshiba portégé ultraportable series of laptops does not run irDA under Linux, as Toshiba refuses to give out the hardware info necessary to construct drivers. The Linux irDA project recommends that because of this no one intending to run Linux on their laptop should buy Toshiba. The weight of a portégé is 1.3-2.5 kgs and the normal screen size is 10.4-13.3 inches. Searching for "Linux Laptop" on any search engine will give you plenty of hits that explain how to install your favourite OS on the portégé - as long as your favourite OS is Linux. The other major Toshiba laptop series is the Tecra.

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