PomPom is also a fun, fast-paced swimming pool game. It is typically played across the width of the pool.

Here's how to play:

1. Gather the players. This game can be played with anywhere from 2 to 100 players. However, the best games have more than 20 players. A 2-player game of PomPom is pretty lame.

2. Set the boundaries. The game is played across the width of the pool. The left and right edges of the game can be either end of the pool, but that usually is too large of an area. A good estimate of the amount of space that can be used is to line up all of the players sholder-to-shoulder at the edge of the pool. This is the best width for the game. If some players cannot swim in deep water, be sure to include a portion of the shallow end.

4. Determine who is IT. We do this by racing to the drain. The contest for IT should be fair for all participants. Another method to choose the IT is to all yell "NOT IT" at the same time. The last person to say NOT IT is IT!

5. IT treads water in the pool. When he or she is ready he/she yells "POMPOM 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10" (note that the numbers can be yelled as quickly or slowly as one desires). All of the other players must be IN the water by the time IT gets to 10. .

6. Players take a running start and dive into the pool. They attempt to swim to the other side without getting tagged. Those who are playing in the shallow end of the pool will start from within the pool, hanging onto the wall. NO running & diving in the shallow end, of course.

7. IT's goal is to tag as many of the players as possible while they are crossing the pool.

8. The wall on the other side of the pool is "SAFE". Any person who is touching the wall cannot be tagged.

9. The persons who are tagged join IT in the water and then try to tag the remaining players as the game continues.

10. Repeat from step 5, swimming from one side of the poolto the other, until all players have been tagged.



You may run from your starting point to the edge of the pool where you dive in. However, RUN AND DIVE STRAIGHT FORWARD, not to either side. If you dive to the side, you'll probably run into the person next to you.

SInce this game does involve running, you will need to get permission from the lifeguard to play. If there are too many non-combatants in the area the life guard will ask you to wait until a quieter time.

A pompom is the little ball (usually made up of the left over ends of wool) that one finds on top of their touques.

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