Is it a Southern snack food? Or Something Else Entirely?

Several years ago my wife and a few of her friends went on what I'll call an "antipilgrimage" to Conyers, Georgia. They were writing a story for the former zine "Forbidden Lines" about the people flocking to Nancy Fowler's farmhouse, where, according to this website --

From October 13, 1990 through May 13, 1994, the Blessed Mother appeared to Nancy at a farm house in Conyers, Georgia to give a message for the United States. During the May 13, 1994 apparition, the Blessed Mother said, "The purpose of my coming is to bring you to my Son." Since the May 1994 apparition, Jesus has been giving a teaching message at the appairion site on the 13th of each month. The only exception is for October 13 when the Blessed Mother has said that she will give an Anniversary message each year.. Nancy continues to receive private revelations on a daily basis.

This of course appealed to my friends' appreciation for human oddity.

The most disturbing thing about their journey was not the pilgrims at Conyers. It was not the blizzard of the century that caught them on the way back.

Nay, the most disturbing thing they found was at a roadside convenience store as they provisioned for the trip, and one of them found in the "deli sandwich" fridge...

...a "Po'k Chop Sandwich."

Mull that apostrophe over for a minute. The absence of that "r" is very significant. To this day, we have no idea of what the sandwich, which could not legally have been called "pork", was made of. Soylent Green, perhaps???

To this day, when I think of the South that is my home, I think of meat products that are not meat, of how Upton Sinclair may have been right, and how we Southerners will eat just about anything.

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