plinking - v.

1 - To cause to make a soft, sharp, metallic sound; clink.
2 - To shoot at casually, usually with a small caliber or low energy firearm.

A verb meaning to shoot at targets that are usually of different sizes and have no real scoring lines like cans.

The targets may or may not make that "plink" sound for it to be considered plinking. Although it is more common to see people use small ammo for this past time, plinking can be done with anything from a .17 Mach2 to a .600 Nitro Express the latter being much more deafening and expensive to do though.

I plink with my .38 Special and .45 Auto all the time. When one wants to just have a fun shoot and not be too stressed on competition scores, plinking is a nice way to spend an afternoon learning the basics of shooting at more than one target and even moving targets if you can set up a rig that moves your targets.

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