When you're golfing, and the group in front of you is engaging in slow play, hopefully they'll be smart enough to give you the option of playing through. This means that they sit around and wait at a tee for you, and offer for you to be able to play in front of them. Since you're faster than they are, you'll probably never see them again after this brief encounter.

Sadly, this little bit of golf etiquette doesn't come with a manly component (it's seen by some players as a disgrace to their game if a group plays through them). What's worse is that one really bad golfer can ruin a foursome's chances of playing quickly, and the pride of the 3 other good golfers in that group would be irrevocably tarnished if someone ever played through them. Screw them and their pomposity. Be civil, dickwads!

Really intelligent golfers will wait until they've all played up to a short par 3 green, and "wave on" the group behind them. There is no shame in allowing a group to play through. It's courtesy. We need more courtesy and empathy in the world.

If a fast twosome is behind you, they'll be on your ass all day. Be smart. Relieve the pressure on yourselves and them. Let them through.

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