To conclude the recent spatula noding spree, a few words about plastic spatulas are in order. They are: "Don't Bother". Buy metal spatulas instead. Plastic spatulas are flimsy, break easily, and, worst of all, they sometimes melt into the scrambled eggs if left unattended for a single moment. They absorb grease like a cheap hamburger bun, leaving permanent stains, and poor-quality models will smell rancid forever if you don't clean the ham residue off immediately.

The only advantage of plastic spatulas is that they are cheap, and that means they are expendable. A plastic spatula is the implement of choice when dealing with something disgusting, like advanced mold or other clinging filth. We used to have one, but it broke in half when my brother tried to cut stale cornbread with it. My friend has one that is so nicked and bent from repeated meltings and chippings that it's hardly worth using. It's an eyesore, a blight upon an otherwise well-maintained complement of kitchenware.

Don't buy plastic spatulas. Buy a few good metal spatulas (square, round, and rectangular), some rubber spatulas for the liquids, and skip the plastics altogether.

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