I run into this idea by accident and the text was therefore somewhat out of the context. I know this may result a misunderstanding of some degree but the idea is too interesting to remain unnoded.

Talmud says that for every person there are two places reserved: one in Eden and one in Gehenna. When a righteous person is found to be innocent she receives not only her place in Eden but also the place of doomed fellowman. Respectively evil people have got the place of their saved neighbour in Hell.

It's easy to understand how those two places in Hell work: It has to mean double pain for the doomed, keeping in mind the lost paradise, paying for your sins while your good neighbour enjoys the pleasures of Eden.

Or is she able to enjoy? Can you get a double pleasure at the expense of your weak fellowman? We cannot assume that you don't remember or know that half of your joy is derived from your sinner friend. Life in Eden cannot be based on the ignorance or oblivion, can it?
I found it quite evil if you're entitled to take the share of your friend. What if your friend was very close to get in Eden but there was only a minor sin that turned the scale?

It's not only a question being entitled to your neighbour's place - you have to take one. This means that you have your neighbour's tasks and you have to fulfill the vacuum left by a sinner. It sounds pretty strange if you cannot be yourself in the paradise but you have to extend your personality and whole being. Afterall, it was you who got into Eden not half-neigbour -you. Are all people in Eden schizophrenic?!

On the other hand, one may think that once you got into the Eden you have fulfilled your mission. While your life reaches the perfection, it also nullifies itself. The irony is that the perfect qualifying deflates your existence and therefore it's only reasonable that you take the place of your neighbour. You have found the inner harmony and now you start to live up the (eternal) life your neighbour wasn't capable of doing.
Still, there remains a question what's the point of adopting the role of your neighbour for eternity? You cannot help her the slightest nor her relatives or loved ones since they know how it all has happened..

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