A skin condition characterized by little red bumps (resmbling mosquito bites) covering the torso, and sometimes spreading to the neck, arms, legs, and occasionally the face. In the early stages the bumps aren't itchy (I didn't realize I had this condition until I was in the shower and realized I was covered in red bumps from my navel to my neck), but in later stages they may become itchy or painful. (Another anecdote: my sister had this earlier this year; she tells me that when she sweated every bump felt like a pin prick. Lovely.)

  • There is no known cause. Doctors suspect a virus, and they have ruled out bacterial infection, allergic reaction, and fungus (the early patches, called herald patches and which are larger than most of the spots, resemble a case of ringworm and are often treated as such)
  • As a result, there is no known cure. Excercise and heat (like hot showers) seem to exacerbate the condition. Topical skin cream may be used to curb the itching, and UV exposure (sitting in the sun or going to a tanning bed) may bring the condition down.
  • Like a virus, it only strikes once in a person's life. Unlike a virus, it does not seem to be communicable. It usually strikes young adults (late teens to late twenties).

Of course, if you suspect this condition, you should see a doctor. A similar reaction may be caused by an allergic reaction to certain medicines, so it's best to get a professional opinion.

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