A free service from Thespark.com. You enter your email address, and that of a girl (or guy) you like. The person(s) specified get(s) an Email from the pimpin' cupid that says something to the effect of, "Someone likes you. Go here." When they do go there, they fill in a list of everyone that they like. If your name is on the list, you are both notified. It's kind of like how things in ninth grade were, when a random girl would come up to you and say:

Hey Evan, you know Jane? She wants to know if you like her but don't worry if you don't I won't tell her you don't but if you do then you can go out sometime 'cause she kinda likes you and she just broke up with Nick blablabla.

Except it's a lot less annoying.

The pimpin' cupid doesn't work, and should not be perpetuated by anyone. Why? Well...

I had the misfortune to be beside my friend when he got a pimpin' cupid. He immediately logged into Sparkmatch and proceeded to fill out pimpin' cupids of his own. "Why wouldn't that work?" I hear you say. Well, the cruel ways of human nature intervened, and instead of filling out pimpin' cupids for everyone he liked, he ended up filling out pimpin' cupids for everyone he thought might like him. I watch him do this, honest to god. Hey, he even filled one out for me!? When I was right next to him? What was the use of that, may I ask? As another example, I wish to submit jes5199 (see i found out who sent me a pimpin cupid) who "entered every girl i've ever gotten email from". Too bad if he doesn't like most of them anymore, and they fill out a pimpin' cupid for him... Oops, embarrasment of the year award goes to the poor person who just perpetuated the chain valentine that is Pimpin' Cupid.

This is why, if I ever got a pimpin' cupid other than the one my friend sent me, I would never, ever fill out pimpin cupids of my own. I'd rather spend my time wondering who it was than fending off all the people who thought I was interested in them.

ps. I apologize in advance to jes5199 if he thought I was meaning the reference as slander. I was merely giving an example of why the pimpin' cupid does not work

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