This is what happens to people on Double Dare when they are the recipients of a physical challenge. Unfortunately, even the latest incarnation of Double Dare is bland at its best. The people involved don't seem to have the moxy to kick their lazy asses into the proper gear for getting their fantabulous prizes. Then again, maybe they're not properly motivated.

I mean, they offer these guys TVs, board games, video game systems, and just copious amounts of stuff. It's pathetic how unmotivated the little kids are, they don't even look excited. My roommate watches this sometimes, and sitting there, we proposed a 'college edition' of double dare. College kids are notorious for needing more money than they have. Any amount of stuff they could win would be fiercely contested for. We also wanted more violent physical challenges... but this all falls by the wayside to the American Gladitor-esque program we had for the final course. I won't get into that here, but... think about it... doesn't it have potential?

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