In more recent Final Fantasy games, Phoenix Down is the item that revives party members whose hit points have dropped to zero. Apparantly, the down of a phoenix can be used to transfer to a person the phoenix's ability to rise from its ashes.

Sometimes spelled Fenix Down, in an act of wacky video game translation.
One of the cheapest things to do in Final Fantasy games is to use a Phoenix Down on an undead enemy for instant death. Yes, you heard me. Just as it can revive fallen characters, it can do likewise to the walking dead -- but instead of bringing them new life, it totally negates their existance. This even works on various boss enemies.

A few bosses in FF games I've found to be susceptible to this cheap as hell but useful tactic: the Phantom Train of FFVI, Gerogero and Abadon of FFVIII, and Soulcage in FFIX.

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