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A short term for pharmaceutical farming. The process of genetically engineering crops to add genes to protect them, or their consumers, from disease. To relate to the name, making foods that also have pharmaceutical properties.

An example would be researchers at Texas A&M who have altered potatoes to include antigenic material from E. Coli. The theory is that these foods could help to both feed the underpriviledged, and vaccinate them from a disease in the process.

Not just crops, sweet ingenue:

Over here in New Zealand we've (said without a trace of the self-conscious) been doing great things with (what else?8) sheep and alpha1-antitrypsin1, among other endeavours.

You, the reader, may wish to compare this to nutraceuticals.

1 A low level of this anti-neutrophil elastase for lung tissue, often for genetic reasons, is a cause of emphysema.

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