a cheap bus in Mexico City. The fare is usually a few pesos according to how far you go, what time it is and your skin tone (or assumed gringoness).

Usually the body work is local, a glorious construction of fiberglass, antislip metal plates and rivets. In some cases the only thing between the pesero and its dissolution in component parts is sticky tape and spit.
Peseros are also called micros.

Interesting pesero facts

peseros roar, bump, jump and generally travel at high speed. If you manage to sit down you will notice that in many cases the inter-seat distance is much less than the distance between your knees (the patella) and your butt (the coccyx).
Notice that on peseros everybody is very polite, you have to say perdón, me da permiso y lo siento mucho at least ten times per trip.
Although at times the gasoline vapors inside the vehicle are strong enough to give you a headache, it is a rare pesero that explodes in a ball of flame, killing everybody inside and failing to make the headlines on la Jornada.

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