Pe*dun"cle (?), n. [Formed fr. (assumed) L. pedunculus, dim. of pes, pedis, a foot: cf. F. p'edoncule.]

1. Bot.

The stem or stalk that supports the flower or fruit of a plant, or a cluster of flowers or fruits.

⇒ The ultimate divisions or branches of a peduncle are called pedicels. In the case of a solitary flower, the stalk would be called a peduncle if the flower is large, and a pedicel if it is small or delicate.

2. Zool.

A sort of stem by which certain shells and barnacles are attached to other objects. See Illust. of Barnacle.

3. Anat.

A band of nervous or fibrous matter connecting different parts of the brain; as, the peduncles of the cerebellum; the peduncles of the pineal gland.


© Webster 1913.

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