pathological-techno-fetishist-with-social-deficit is used in William Gibson's book Idoru. It is used in a scene where an American character and a Japanese girl are talking about the Japanese girl's brother. This is what comes out as the rough translation of otaku into English.

Otaku is Japanese for "a person with an unhealthy fan obsession". Normally affiliated with anime.

   "Masahiko is seventeen," Mitsuko said. "He is a 'pathological-techno-fetishist-with-social-deficit,'" this last all strung together like one word, indicating a concept that taxed the lexicon of the ear-clips. Chia wondered briefly if it would be worth running it through her Sandbenders, whose translation functions updated automatically whenever she ported.

   "A what?"

   "Otaku," Mitsuko said carefully in Japanese. The translation burped its clumsy word string again.

-Idoru by William Gibson

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