Parkpop is the largest free popfestival of europe.
It's held every year in the hague in the netherlands.
The number of visitors has grown form 15.000 in 1981 to 500.000 in 1992. The last 7 years (1993-2000) the number of visitors remains stable around 350.000.

Parkpop was first held on the last sunday of june 1981. One stage with 6 acts.
In 1982 a second stage was added wich has its own theme every year.
By the year of 1985 the Parkpopmarket has already grown to more than 100 stores. In that year the nuber of visitors breaks through the magical 100.000...
In 1986 the themestage becomes equal to the other one.

This years edition, 2002, was, with 400.000 visitors, the busiest ever. Headliners were kane(NL), di-rect(nl), The Dandy Warhols(USA) and Suzanne Vega(USA).

More info (in dutch) can be found on

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