Spurred on by the success of their goatse.cx pranks, involving giving strangers/friends/workmates, the address of this particularly disgusting and now infamous website, the Something Awful Goons, set about work on a new project, set to disgust and desensitize the worlds internet using population.

This series of pictures, from the original, pain.jpg, made by the F**k you and Die/F**k you and Goatse forum members, used the most blatantly gruesome pictures to be found on the internet, from pictures of scat porn, to medical pictures, to fetish pictures, to accident scenes. These pictures were then positioned on a single picture to become a veritable wallpaper of a gut expunging nature.

If you have not yet been a victim of this group, it is suggested you don't click on any links from strangers. It's the only way to be sure.

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