1. Zen state of oneness. To be beyond duality.
    To those for whom life is hard, the master suggests to get over it.
  2. A state of transcendence regarding the issue at hand. Having neither attachment nor aversion to either side of the dichotomy. No longer concerned. A state of detachment regarding the question at hand.
    Religous types used to bother me. Then science types bothered me. Now I'm over it
  3. No longer a personal issue. Having eliminated a hang-up, you are now over it.
    I used to be terrified of nuclear war, now I'm over it.
  4. healed or recovered
    She broke my heart, but now I'm over it.
  5. done with it. bored or disinterested
    I played (random video game) till my thumbs fell off, now I'm over it.

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