An organic grocery is a type of a health food store which specializes in produce, meat and dry goods which do not contain artificial additives. An organic grocery may also carry nutrional supplements, toiletries, cosmetics and even beer and wine

An organic grocery may be cooperatively owned and run or it may be a large chain conglomerate or it may be a small, locally owned business.

The prices for some items may be slightly higher than in a "conventional" supermarket, but not always. Oftentimes the quality of goods provided in an organic grocery is superior to other places. And then there are some product lines which are more likely to be found at an organic grocery. 

In general, people shop at an organic grocery because they prefer the atmosphere, prefer the products, and don't mind paying slightly more for similar "conventional" items. Also, many people feel strongly that buying their food from an organic grocery is a healthy choice. 

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