When a person doesn't want to do something in general open society he or she can say "Or What" as an oft used answer to commands or requests from others.

Such requests could be :
A) "You really ought to stop playing with that red button"
B) "I have very sensitive lungs, please would you mind not smoking"
C) "Stop. looking. at. my. girlfriend."

"Or What?" is a provocative challenge or a dare to the proponant of the original suggestion, it can be said with different tones of voice to best fit each situation.

Different types of "Or what" in response to the above persons A to C.
A) Or what????? (passive curious)
B) Or. what. (passive-aggressive rhetorical)
C) Or What! (aggressive rebuff)

As the "Or what" is such a broad and purposely ambiguous response it really does show the true nature of the protagonists of each social drama. I would presume that situation A should be able to be resolved with polite explanation, situation B will probably result in more excessive whining and coughing, and situation C is most probably going to result in blood on the danceflood.

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