oe*nan"thic (?), a. [Gr. the first shoot of the vine, the vine blossom, the vine; the vine + bloom, flower.] Chem.

Having, or imparting, the odor characteristic of the bouquet of wine; specifically used, formerly, to designate an acid whose ethereal salts were supposed to occasion the peculiar bouquet, or aroma, of old wine. Cf. oenanthylic.

oenanthic acid, an acid obtained from &oe;nanthic ether by the action of alkalies. -- oenanthic ether, an ethereal substance (not to be confused with the bouquet, or aroma, of wine) found in wine lees, and consisting of a complex mixture of the ethereal salts of several of the higher acids of the acetic acid series. It has an ethereal odor, and it used in flavoring artificial wines and liquors. Called also oil of wine. See Essential oil, under Essential.


© Webster 1913.

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