Allergy Safe Recipes

This can be used to replace milk in recipes that taste odd when made with commercial soy milk or rice milk. It is fine to drink, also. The fat content depends upon the type and quantity of nuts used. More nuts in proportion to water gives a richer milk. This is somewhere between whole milk and half-and-half in richness.

1 cup + approx. two tabls. almonds (blanched*) or raw cashews ------- use less for a less rich milk (1/2 cup = skim milk)
2 1/2 cups water

Put nuts and water in a blender. Blend approximately 2 minutes (more or less, depends on your blender. The nuts should be pulverized.) Strain the resulting mush to remove the nut chunks. (a mesh coffee filter may work best) This makes 2 cups, approximately.

*Blanching the almonds (dipping in hot water for 30 seconds then removing the brown skins) results in a much prettier milk. The little brown flecks don't filter out well.

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