In 1991 Eric and Eric discovered each other at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Within a few short years, and the help of a decked out PC in the UPL, they are called upon to do the music for a short demo of multimedia and rendering. It brought together all the various portions of the lab - the graphics guys and their ray tracing software (which later became hypercosm (found at, the jugglers wrote programs to plot the x,y,z locations of juggling balls, and others ported the software to to the language of the ray tracer.

Several other bands form in this lab with a strong techno flavor to them. "inorganic name" by William Annis (with his strawberry iMac) and Occluded Front by Tom Lawrence (writing his own synth software) both formed in this lab as well.

In 1996, the various people graduate and move on. Eric Goedkin then begins adding lyrics to Eric Oehler's works resulting in in the songs "Trainwreck", "Niagara", and "Hapless". A year later, they formally pair up and continue on.

The Crimson EP was released in 1999 as the first commercially available recording.

To date, the following has been released, compiled, or remixed:

All three bands have their music on and are a good listen if you enjoy the techno/trance/ambient/new age/EBM/etc style music. nulldevice's web page can be fo

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