An HTTP proxy server written by Dmitry Rozmanov that allows programs other than Internet explorer to authenticate with an MS proxy server. NTLMAPS stands for NT LanMan Authorization Proxy Server.

The program intercepts HTTP headers from your unauthorized client (it was originally written for use with wget, I use konqueror) and replacing them with headers that look like the output of MSIE 5.5. Then it adds the required cryptographic hash of your Windows NT username, password, and whatever else goes into Windows NT authentication. (blood type, credit card number, mother's maiden name, or whatever)

It may not be able to slip IRC and ICQ through the proxy server, but I can use my linux box to web surf from home, which means web surfing *and* mp3 listening at the same time. If anyone else is stuck behind an MS proxy server, I highly recommend it. It can run on any system with a python interpreter and the standard python modules.

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