you could never glow as they wanted you to and so, they would cover your dull, plain faced stare, push you to the side and allow the others to drink in the nights and moon lost mornings. you did not mind, and some would say you did not mind much of anything at all. there were times, every so often, when you would spill the pain from within your head. you would throw it at them with words so intense.. those times, fear ushered in more hatred than your fragile thoughts could stand. they did understand, you had not expected more than the withdrawl from questioning stares.

"and if there's nothing left to die for.. all this, our beauty, is just decay."

i saw the most dreary sky in your eyes, sometimes. i loved it.. you were never very bright, but you could always pull me so far into your head as to darken all the world's light. you showed me what it is like to fade away, not from the brightest glow, as is the case most times.. but from a star slated obscurity that so few could feel (and it was a feeling, of the most penetrating sort).

you were not very bright, but i loved you more than the stars and, you were my sun.

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