There's still a warm glow of golden light creeping its way around the edges of my curtains.
There's still voices, travelling distances their owners did not intend, making their way into my ears.
Though the words are unclear, the message is crystal.
"Leave, and don't ever come back."
There's still cold in the air, a bite of bitterness that reminds me that I'm the only one in the room.
There's still a shaky uneveness in my breath, as the spirals of colours, silhouettes of shapes and her eyes dance like an acid fueled party behind my eyelids.
There's still her scent, that intriguing mix of peppermint and a something I was never quite able to pick.
I breathe it in deeply, as the Sun carries the last of its golden glow over the horizon.
As the voices become the roar of an engine that takes off following the Sun.
As the bite in the air transforms into something closer to a warm embrace.
As the shakiness of my breath steadies and calms to the deep rhythmic breathing that will remain throughout the night.
As the acid fueled party behind my eyelids quiets down, as the spirals of colours flatten, as the silhouettes no longer dance and her eyes burn their way deeper into my mind,
I am not quite asleep and not quite alone.

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