—So it's really going to happen then?
—Honey, I just told you what they told me.
—How do we know that they're right?
—Because they were right about everything else. We trust them.
—I don't want them to be right.
—Neither do I. They said it was beyond their control.
—. . . 
—But it's not up to us. It's up to God.
—Should we try to-
—No. Nothing changes. What will be will be.
—How long then?
—Not long. We'll still have some time yet, but not four years.
—I don't think I can sleep now.
—Well just try, please. We can talk about it tomorrow.
—What good would that do?
Honey please, I'm tired. 
—I'm sorry. 
—Don't be. We'll still have our fortieth and then some, okay?
—. . .
I don't know.

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