Those ultra-hip individuals who decide that as soon as everyone likes something it's their job to hate it. When whatever they are wearing or doing to their bodies becomes in fashion, they stop doing it and do something else. They do not conform because they want to be nonconformists so badly that they will eschew their personal likes and dislikes because they have based their entire self image on "not being like everyone else".

In the 1980's they drank espresso, in the 1990's espresso became too popular so they switched to tea, now in the 00's tea is becoming too popular so they are going to switch to drinking water from a septic tank. In the 1980s they had their ears pierced, in the 1990s they pierced their navels, nipples, tounges, noses, necks, eyebrows, and genitalia. In the 00's they will now move on to piercing internal organs "Hey Bob just had his liver pierced". "Cool!". In the 80's it was Punk, in the 90's it was Grunge, in the Late 90's it was retro-70s now in the 00's they will resign to wearing plastic bags and spray-on insulation foam.

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