Unlike the implication from "non-linear creativity", this lacks the implication of chemical alteration.

Non-linear storytelling is the way of telling stories in an order of events other than the traditional start-to-finish.

An interesting cinema example of this is "Pulp Fiction".

This happens to also be my preferred method of storytelling. Where relaying a partiular adventure, I hit an interesting tangent and so push the story to run on the tangent for a bit and then pop the stack back. Like in talking about my buddy Sean's pending wedding, I might while talking about the choice in location, retell the story of how we first found this place while out rock climbing, some of our history climbing, the time we went motorcycle camping to a great climbing site where we met his the future Mrs. Sean, and how she happened to have seen us that other day when we went climbing and found the site for the wedding - you remember the wedding, right? The one we were talking about earlier.

Another long time favourite example is Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant".

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