(This node was inspired by Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid).

(In the beginning) there used to be two types of nodes:

  1. Factual nodes and
  2. Opinion nodes
Then a new type of node came along: the node about nodes, or Meta-nodes. Meta-nodes can again be split into two major types, and four in total:
  1. Factual meta-nodes (about factual nodes or about opinion nodes) and
  2. Opinion meta-nodes (ditto)
Factual meta-nodes are on the lines of Modern Art Metanode. Opinion meta-nodes are on the lines of the meta-node "getting to know you" nodes. (p.s. I deliberately use the term "meta-node" and not metanode so as to avoid confusion with existing metanodes).

Then came the meta-meta-nodes, again split into two major categories (we actaully have factual meta-meta nodes about factual meta-nodes about factual nodes(e.g. Book Metanodes), we have opinion meta-meta nodes about factual meta-nodes about opinion nodes, etc. etc... Your radical ideas about metanodes have already occured to others is just a meta-node, but could have been so much more...

So anyway, we've spoken about nodes, and about nodes about nodes, and about nodes about nodes about nodes. So this is a node about nodes about nodes about nodes, among other things. How far can this go on? Infinitely, for sure. It depends on several factors.

The most prominent factor is amount. When there were two nodes, a meta-node was hardly in order. And it was very difficult to write a meta-meta node. In fact , given there are only two nodes, a meta-meta-node can hardly even exist! But with the abundance of meta-meta-meta-nodes, meta-meta-meta-meta nodes are bound to come up. This is most likely an exponential function, so within our lifetimes we don't have to worry too much.

Is Everything just a community? Or is it also a meta-community? Or also a meta-meta-community? Where is nate in all of this?

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