When Cyclops held Ulysses captive and asked his name Ulysses replies “I am no-one”. Later Ulysses blinds Cyclops with a poker and escapes with his shipmates via the underbellies of several giant sheep, Cyclops stands on the beach and screams for help. “I am blinded!”, he screams. “Who has blinded you?”, asked the other Cyclops, to which of course the reply was “no-one has blinded me!”, and thus the Unnamed Player was born...

An item, or items with no name, or at least one that you can’t remember right now, can be saved from causing pauses in conversation by the words doofer and gubbins.

Loblaws' brand of generic food and household staples can be identified by their bright yellow labels with black lettering that says "No Name" where a product logo traditionally is placed.

The product line's image of frugality attracts consumers who would not normally purchase the store's other private label, President's Choice.

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