The process of improving through human intervention the population and biodiversity of indigenous plant life in a defined ecosystem.

Steps in the Process
In a hypothetical area selected for native revegetation, a number of steps may be followed.

1. Research.
First through research in the literature assess the available knowledge of the biodiversity of the site, the biodiversity of the region where the site is located, and also the biodiversity of comparable sites (i.e. sites with similar geography, and which are relatively close by). Assess also geology, rainfall, soil information, etc..

2. Ecosystem Assessment.
Study the site carefully, taking note of indigenous and non-indiginous species, and also taking note of physical features, soil type, and land degredation threats. Identify existing natural revetation processes. Assess reproduction methods of the plant species (not the humans).

3. Prepare Revegetation Strategies
Select strategies from potential methods such as direct seeding, planting. Implement preparation such as seed collection, seedling production at a nursery or accessing other allied resources.

4. Do the Revegetation!

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